Vienna philharmonics / Wiener Philharmoniker / performer

The Vienna Philharmonics / Wiener Philharmoniker is one of the top 3 philharmonical orchestras on earth.And this one is the most independant.Its owned by musicians as entrepreneurs.On the other hand those are fully responible for economical risks of performances.They are situated in Vienna in house of Wiener Musikverein.For a while H.V.Karajan was conducting Vienna Philharmonics and Berlin Philharmonics simultanously.Meawhile this orchestra contains women also.More than a billion people each year are watching Vienna Walz New Years Silvester concerto per TV.They are one of the top standard orchestras at Opera Festival Salzburg each year.

O.F.D This list is still incomplete.We are in contact for a couple of years.But they are saying they cant play me as best adress worldwide cause they are independant resonsible for economical risk.I cant begin n on stage on top.15 members of orchestra are standing in the line thosedays with their composings.They know me.Later maybee….All other orchestras more or less are payed by country or town without economical risk.Got it ! Nevertheless in Musikverein : Oliver Frederic Dieck – the composer online