Herbert von Karajan – conductor

Herbert von Karajan was more accepting Nazi Regime in Austria then german composing top conductor Furtwängler or R.Strauss,being member of NSDAP.
Concerning quality he stands for perfection concerning modern recording and performing.Concerning style it seems that his interpretations are prefering melody voice and not harmonical background makeing it simply louder.Someteimes then its easier to get, sometimes fine art is a bit destroyed in my opinion.He was with jewish american Bernstein and some otheres the most important conductor personality of his generation being head of both best orchestras worldwide Vienna Philharmonis and Berlin Philharmonics simultanously, till he was insisting on Prof. S. Meyer / clarinettes in orchestra.Apart from that he was most important figure concerning Opera Festival Salzburg where he is born after second world war.His assistant was Thielemann with Muti best conductor of our time for standard works especially deep Beethoven / Strauss / Wagner performing.A.S. Mutter, leading woman at the violon was an invention of him.Concerning second world war he said that he was musician in first line voting for german or european music genius ( www.bach.de and not for Freud theory madness , sulblimated perversion as source of intelligence or talent instead of seldom genes, in this field I add ).On the other hand he was stressing in interview that he worked well together with jews in orchestra.He said main reason for his membership was injustice of Versailles treaty ending first world war like for most people.But in respect he stayed away from composing saying that his style would be Beethoven Mozart continuity what is not possible for him.He left composing to respected jewish american conductor Bernstein officially till he died in 1989.His widow Eliette von Karajan is using his heritage for an own additive Salzburg festival each year with quite experimental music .