Wilhelm Furtwängler – conductor / composer

Willhelm Furtwängler was the most important conductor authority in Germany before of Rise of Karajan who was NSDAP member.Wilhelm Furtwängler wad not in favor for Hitler,bad for his career but he didt went away like it did itallian leading conductor Toscanini feeling like whole generation rather german and bound to Bach Mozart Beethoven Wagner tradition as musician.Unfortunaltelly his tonal composings are more famous in Cinema world than in music world.As musician he was during worldwar with his tonal composings useful for german propaganda versus experimental work of Schönberg , Alban Berg , Webern like 12 tone alternative. Nevertheless his composings are too good to forgett it composed with great know how concerning modulation at least.Cause Furtwängler died with 1954 composing till the end there are technically original recordings of acceptable quality more or less.

Most important recodings :

I have Richard Wagner recordings on CD performed by him latest 1943 Bayreuth Meistersinger of Nürnberg opera and 1942 Stockholm Tristan and Isolde Opera.

Most important composings:

Pianococerto Nr. 1 B – minor,
Piano Quintett C – major ( 1938 ),
Symphony Nr. 1 B – minor ,
Symphony Nr. 2 E – minor ( 1944 ),
Symphony Nr. 3 C- sharp minor ( 1954 )

Those works are recorded meanwhile by Sawallish conductor and Barenboim etc.

O.F.D This list ist still incomplete