How to use

How to use data bank :

  1. You can use the SEARCH ENGINE WINDOW giving in song or artist name and presseing ENTER on your PC / tablet ,

2) You can SCROLL DOWN SEARCHING  till the end chronologically in the blog

3)  You can use the CONTENT MENUE TAB on top clicking on a name there.

One way will work for you .If there are problems finding a name with search engine on site : Some musicians were of influence Then its possible to find a name elswhere .In this case please give in official complete name not short version.The same if you know last name only or parts of work name etc.The please add as second mesure a word like #pe_rformer#sin_ger#so_loist #co_nductor#co_mposer,#theo_ryteacher without # and _ showing here to protect database results.

Last but not least language here is english in pop rock entertainment music apart from realy german local artists even its a german service.Classic worlds speaks completelly German more than Itallian.Therefore I use also German quite often , the german cause its international in content and audiance.In the long run I will offer traductions also

O.F.D  – Yours sincerly – criticist / composer – –