OFD critics info

I’m Oliver Frederic Dieck – O.F.D is a Munich 1964 born german tonal composer autodidactically beginning with an age of 5 like Haydn, Wagner and partly Bach.Additionally I’m offering painting, design etc official studies in economics, sciences economiques gestion, law and programming Ihk.There is a huge entertainment work and a remakable tonal classics work of high quality as well. I have 180 cm, 64 Kg, I’m slim, green eyed, male, SPD Germany Democrat, lutheran protestant ( but also hobby nature scientist ) ,hetero not married looking for a wife to found an orchestra in love.I’m doing the main critics here.And rather rather often a big name is not big enough for me sometimes a provocation.This is not music biz marketing or fooling comsumers.It’s in first line a musician for music lovers.At the bottom of this site you will find two personality videos concerning O.F.D – 2016 ,2015.on top at Menue point OFD music online onsite you can hear all that in videos.

Most important tunes ready in 2015 :

A ) Serious Classics :

Symphony Nr.1 – Genie / Genius ,
Symphony Nr.2 – Venus,
Symphony Nr.3 – Eclipse / Sonnenfinsternis,
Symphony Nr.4 – Reihn / Rhine,
Symphony Nr.5 – Galaxie / Galaxy,soon final
Symphony Nr.6 – Loire,soon final
Symphony Nr.7 – Isar ( 2015 )

Oratory : Deus Genitor Munid in 7 movements ( oekomenikal 2013)

Opera Veritas ( 3 hours ) – Demo recording and libretto,20 airs,ouverture.

Eden : 4 string quartetts : ( V . 2012 )

1. Nympheas 7 movements
2. Schwertlilien 7 movements,
3. Strelizien 7 movements,
4. Calla 7 movements

Jeunesse – 25 early piano pieces ( V. 2013 ):

Prelude Nr1,
Prelude Nr.3 Phatasia,
Prelude Nr.5 Dreifinger,
Prelude Nr.6 Florentiner,
Prelude Nr.8 Waldkraiburger,
Prelude Nr.9 Mathilde,
Prelude Nr.10 Cembalo,
Etude Printemps,
Etude L’ete,
Etude L’automne,
Etude L’hiver,
The Ragtime,
Pizzicatoarie ( Veritas ),
Debutantinnen Walzer ( Goldener Walzertraum ),
Rauschet es im Blätterwald ( Seepferdchen ),
Wonnen zur Maienzeit ( Seepferdchen ),
Schlaf Kindchen schlaf ein ( Seepferdchen ),
Willst Du mein Liebchen sein ( Seepferdchen ),

( selection )

1. concerto for piano and orchestra Strasbourg / Strasburg ( V.2015),
1. concerto for Church organ Vita ( V. 2012 ),
1. concerto for Violin and orchestra Elegance soon reredorded,

Seepferdchen – 10 serious songs / Librettto soon final recorded :

Der Lachs,
Willst Du Mein Liebchen sein,
Schlaf Kindchen schlaf ein,
Wonnen aus Maienzeit,
Rauschet es im Blätterwald,
Der Schnitter,
Sonne im Herzen,
Heuschreck Hupf,
Der Hummer

Goldener Walzertraum – 10 symphonic walzes ( V. 2014 ) etc.

B) Serious Jazz :

1. Jazz concerto Sunset 15 tunes:

Love you like some lovers do,
Sol Bossa Nova,
Rosemarie sleeps on the beach,
Loneley eyes,
Two mad saxophones,
Merry Christmas,
Bresil love,
You are the one who can always read my mind ( sceduled for Streisand ),
As Israel was in Egypts land ( O.F.D Gospel Jazzversion ),
Over to you,
Sunset funk,
Sweeter than the night,
Orange skies

Soon reerecorded and enlarged finalversion.

1. Musical Siluettes ( 20 – 30 songs / overture ) still, in work.

The world – the world in 16 sound images soon final rerecorded

Carebean coloured skies,
Roof of the world,
Northern Aurora,
Peruan Sherpas,
Scottish pipers
African dreams,
Florishing cherries,
Carebean Steel drums,
Peace is a win of culture / Un Anthem proposal with text version.
Indian Dreams,
Russian mariners,
Chilling on Hawai


C) Entertainment :

Future World – 15 culture techno works soon completely rerecorded :

Camel Caravan,Upper world,Where are you now,Mayas, ( cocomposed by G.H ) Metro,Marvellous,Guernica,Games,Joker,Fun,Find your way home,Nelson Mandela,Future world,Urban Voyage,Dancefloor scan

( selection )


Europe – 26 Europop / Schlager / Chanson works ( V. 2014 ):

Sommerwind,Where are you now,Die droben leben,So völlig angepasst,Karavane unbekannt,Mayas,Satelite,A thanks for happyness,Darjeeling und Verfassungsschutz,Guernica,Metro,Angleseyes,Gefühl zu fallen,Sweet Charlene,Je veux voir les yeux de toi,Und ich frag Dich ob Du bleibst,Rotes Kleid, Domenica,Two people inspired of love,Inselreich der Liebe,Eternity heart,Don’t answer me in simple words,Weils Liebe ist,Love is more than tenderness,Wann werd ich Dich wiedersehn,Liebe für immer,
Rosen für Dich,


Strange rock songs – 20 rock songs soon rerecorded :

Strange,Dont’fool us in Jesu’s name,Die Schauer in der Nacht,Einfach glücklich sein,I can change your world,I don’t need her its only you,I just wanna make you smile,If you can stay at my side I must leave you,Eagle’s life ( On my Way ),Winner,That’s all I know,Garden of love’s eternity ,Paradise is fadeing,Nature,Diamonds are your eyes,Working class poverty,Julia,Rock Prelude.-2016

( selection )

Golden Age – 22 brit pop works ( V. 2014 ):

Angel of mercy ,Souvereign of loneley heart,Ways to southern California,
Hey girl I need you,You make me feel,Caypirinha,My love is true,Love me till tomorrow,I wish freedom,Open book,Sunny Day,Golden Age,Rise up to the skies ,Amazing happyness,Tramp,Free for laughting with you,Oheo Reagae,Oheo Reagae,Hey not my sister,Freedom enlightement outro.

Black Enough ?  – 34 O:F.D Us pop hiphop works soon all rerecorded :

A dirty little smile,International,Die Liebe ist die Macht,You used to torture Rap,Reasons to love you,Waves of feelings ( cocomposed by G.H.),Show me the way to make you happy,Sunny ray sent from heaven,Joy,Love that’s is the way to build a better world,Funky music makes it better,Forever Bijou,Sent by God,Countries of the doves,Magic in the air,Velvet and silk,Keep the candles burning,Remeber why,Deep inside,I want love,I need your love sweet china girl,Number one,Puertorico,Elevator,I found you,It’s more than that,Im Zauberland,Secret lover,Don’t play your games on me,Yaheeya etc.




You can enjoy O.F.D at : www.o-f-d.de,www.OliverFredericDieck.de or www.myspace.com/OliverfredericDieck ( 40  Selection )