Johann Sebastian Bach / composer

Johann Sebastian Bach : The german Tonal Composings Ecyclopedia of European high end harmonics and in same time world’s first Jazzer.Complexity of music in tonal beauty reached its climax in music history till now in composing 4 up to 5 interdependant melody lines one over the other in counterpoint and fugato technique and complex harmonics unknownm till then, more than with Händel.This man is certainly one of top 5 composers in history of mankind. This is not a Bach ( a little river ) Its the sea !

Some of his most important composings :

Orchester Suite für Querflöte Nr.2 h – Moll – Badinerie,
Suite G – Moll – Gitarre Bouree,
Konzert Für Oboe und Violine in C – Moll Adagio,
Sonata Nr. 1 G – Dur / Adagio ,
Konzert für Oboe D – Moll Adagio,
Italienisches Konzert F – Dur Allegro,
Doppel Konzert für 2 Violinen und Streich Orchester,
Toccata und Fuge D – Moll BWV 565,
Praeludium und Fuge in Es – Dur BWV 552,
Praeludium und Fuge in E – Moll BWV 548,
Praeludium und Fuge in A – Moll BWV 543,
Orgelconcerto NR.1 in G – Dur BWV 592 1. and 3. movement,
Orgelconcerto NR.2 in A – Moll BWV 593,
Orgelconcerto NR.3 in C – Dur BWV 594 1. movement,
Orgelconcerto NR.5 in D – Moll BWV 496 1. movement,
Willst Du Dein Herz mir schenken,
Ave Maria – Bach / Gunot,
Weihnachtsoratorium BW 248 :
– Jauchzet Frolocket,
– Ach mein herzliebes Jesulein,
– Wie soll ich Dich empfangen,
– Hirtenmusik Sinfonia G – Dur,
Brandenburgisches Konzert Nr.2 F – Dur BWV 1047 1.Satz,
Brandenburgische Konzerte 3-5,
Trisonate für 2 Flöten und Basso Continou BWV 1039,
Das wohltemperierte Klavier BWV 846 – 893,
Piano Concerto NR.1 BWV 1052 1. and 3 movement,
Piano Concerto NR.2 BWV 1053 2. and 3. movement,
Piano Concerto NR.3 BWV 1054 ,
Piano Concerto NR.4 BWV 1055,
Piano Concerto NR.5 BWV 1056 1. and 2. movement,
Piano Concerto NR.7 BWV 1056 2. and 3 movement
Kunst der Fuge BWV 1080,

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