Scorpions – Klaus Meine / Micheal Schenker and co

The Scorpions around singer Klaus Meine and Guitarist Michael Schenker are the most successful german rock band thosedays.With roots in Hanover Germany they have presented some international rock hits of a certain quality beginning in the 80th.

Most important tunes:

Hurricane 2001 ,
Winds of change,
Send me an angel,
When love kills love,
Still loving you,
Life is to short,

Remarkable unpluged concert recently.

PS: Hello Klaus Meine.We met several years ago at Echo Pop but you was not interested in my music composing.On the other hand you are performing non exclusive titles like Dust in the wind ( Kansas ), Drive ( Cars ) as original own tunes.Have you seen playlists Golden Age / Strange rock songs etc O.F.D playlists ? But ok – you are quite successfull. Question for Michael Schenker : When I should be the main composer for Mariah Carey inventing her name Mariah with h in 1986 at Munich beginning with album Vision of love , I was be seen as best musiccomposing talent on planet in those times , her mum Patricia ( not Carey in that time) a tall operasinger with long bright hairs looking a bit like CHER in Munich without signing told me that she is together with SCHENKER GROUP those days ( Drunter drüber drauf…) I guess this was you Michael Schenker isnt it ? Greetings.Sincerly O.F.D