Scorpions – Klaus Meine / Michael Schenker and co

The Scorpions around hard rock singer Klaus Meine and Guitarist Michael Schenker are the most successful german rock band thosedays  on international market presenting music and not trash  in english language.With roots in Hannover Germany they have presented some international hard rock hits of a remarkable quality beginning in the 80th.

Most important tunes:


When you came into my life !!!

I will always be with you

Here I am ,rock you like a Hurricane / Hurricane,

Winds of change,

Send me an angel,

On my way home

House of cards

Follow your heart

When love kills love,

Still loving you,

Loving you sunday morning


Noone like you 

Life is to short,


PS: Hello Hard rock singer Klaus Meine.We met several years ago at Echo Pop Your advise was go to work.In the beginning You will never meet the senior A&R and the top inhouse producers but more or less idiots.This is if you are arrived and evrybody knows you.We were our producers in the beginning….Now its worse but meanwhile Im good  producer more or less.Nice to meet you.Thanks for your activities agains AFD right wing party. When I met -Mariah-Carey- in Munich 1986 inventing h of her name for market her german ma operasinger Patricia said „Now Im with Schenker group“….Finnaly I was staying in Munich cause there was a rumour that -Mariah-Carey- is not born as female.In that time I was under attac of militant lesbians deleting my easy way to full A-level Abitur.Finally I did  successfully seldom Bavarian Elite Abitur A-level for extreme cases on own feet forced by that.Evrybody knew this in my sorounding….Who was playing guitars on first -Mariah-  album Vision of love than without me as sceduled main composer.4 years later..You Schenker, Image problem ?  Greetings from Munich O.F.D = Oliver Frederic Dieck