Prof. Klaus Doldinger’s – Passport

Klaus Doldinger’s Passport is a Jazz formation founded in 1971 by Saxophone Professor , audioengineer , autodidact , Gema manager etc Klaus Doldiger born 12 of May 1936 in Berlin Germany.

Klaus Doldinger is one of the most important cinema music composers in Middle Europe.( Das Boot , Never Endig story german European version ,
Tatort …).In his bad has served over the years a big part of studio musicians creme of Germany,He asked mee several times „What are you playing ? “ Definetly evrything but on this level I prefere : Nothing , Im music composer / writer and this is his band.

Most famous members :

Christian Schulze – Synthesizers Keyboards,
Curt Kress – Drums,
Herman Weindorf – Keyboards,
Dieter Peterreit – Bass,
Roberto di Goia – Keyboards,
Ernst Stroer – Percussion, Drums
Udo Lindenberg – Drums,
Patrick Scales,
Peter o‘ Mara,
Wolfgang Haffner
Bilboul Darouiche …

Some of the most important tunes :

Blue Kind of mind,
Further 2 songs from To Paradise CD 1996,
Balance of happiness,
Man in the mirror,
New moon,
Mr. Mystery,
Ataraxia 1+2 ,
Fary tale,
Green lagoon,
At large,
Das Boot,
Bastians happy flight ( Never Ending Story – Europe)

PS : Internet support / Youtube Support is not marvellous.I did my best to check song names out of this huge work.This can be result of Gema management office and membership of Mr. prof Klaus Doldinger without exclude rights for the internet.This is possible in Germany for some years now.Then its no problem to present music for free for advertiseing and arts.Maybee Mr. Doldinger has his right on composings not at German GEMA but at ASCAP or BMI USA .For professionals with label signing it’s an expensive sevice planet wide , but it works to get enough money if there is radio and TV sending.But with this contract its a duty contract to have rights in automaticised way there.Maybee I should do the internet support in Passport headquarter Isartal Munich ( ).After SUNSET 1. Jazz concerto soon 2. in fusion more modern art. playlist SUNSET.Best wishes and See you.