Münchner Freiheit / Zauner – Munich Freedom reloaded ?

The Münchner Freiheit ( Munich Freedom ) boy group around Mr. Zauner from Gräfelfing at Munich is the most successful german pop group of the 80th.Concerning quality its comparable to E-L.O – Electric light Orchestra , also often recording in Munich studios.They raised via Theatron free concerts festival in Olimpic Park of Munich in the 80th.They had only local resonance for political reasons and maybee cause of international name ( Münchner Freiheit = Munich Freedom ) for german language market only.

Most important tunes :

Alles kommt zu dem der warten kann,
Tausendmal Du,
Das was ich will bist Du,
Ich will Dich nochmal,
Bis wir uns wiedersehen,
Komm zurück in meine Welt,
Du bist nicht allein,
Solang man Träume noch leben kann,
Einfach wahr,
Es gibt kein nächstes mal,
Tausend Augen,
Wohin ich auch geh

PS: Rerecord it with louder drums especially bass drum , new 2000 synthesizer sounds and rythm update where its possible with more perfection and ripeness concerning arrangement adds for international market as Munich Fredom.God composing is good composing.Only the necessary logical around your choirs etc. This is my advise for arts and European composing know how culture – O.F.D