Richard Strauss / composer / theory book

Richard Strauss is born precisely 100 years before of myself in Munich January 1864 dying 1943.He is the last important great composer in harmonic tradition of R. Wagner more important than Bruckner or other pupils.During the Nazi time he was standing bteween the lines.His descendant was married jewish.On the other hand he was prefering Mittenwald and Garmisch independant married with Pschor beer brewerie descendant saying Mozart and Wagner are his house Gods.Both were fooled in old Sicilly katholic Munich.Apart from his complex composing he was founder of german GEMA,the quite expensive service to earn money easily via Radio , TV , Theaters etc automatically.He got his chance in Munich as descendant of a hornist of Bavarian Residenz Cuvellier theater Munich as katholic own self made Wagner.One of hois main traits is to avoid structural repetitions having not to much ideas as result but on complex level.

His most relevant work is tonal :

Also sprach Zarathustra ( following to Philospoher Nietzsche )
Don Juan Op.20,
Eine Alpen Sinfonie,
Opera Rosenkavalier ,
Der Bürger als Edelmann / The civilian as gentleman Op.60,
Heldenleben Op.40,
Tod und Verklärung,
Sinfonia Domestica Op.53,
Till Eugenspiegel Op.28 ( partly )
Don Quixote Op.35 ( partly )
( not realy more expetrimental Elektra Opera )
( not realy more experimental Salome Opera )

At Salzburg opera festival there has to be at least one work of Richard Strauss or Mozart each season.Salzburger Opernfestspiele were founded as alternative top Wagner Fespiele Bayreuth with him and jewish Max Reinhard.

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